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We specialise in the repair of Apple Mac's, iMacs and Apple MacBook computers, offering a comprehensive service including in-depth fault finding using industry leading diagnostic testing equipment to help quickly and easily fix your broken Apple Mac Computer System to component level.

At The Mac Shack your independent IT service providers - We can professionally repair faults that others cannot, without it costing you the earth.
Our technicians have extensive experience in the repair of all manner of issues - both common and obscure - hardware and software - from iMac repair, MacBook repair, liquid spill damage, GPU failure repair and replacement , data recovery and much more .

We are experts in the repair and upgrades of Apple Mac Computers, iMac and MacBook Pro systems - Nationwide pickup and return service with diagnostic assessment.

We also offer instant remote support which is the same as if one our technicians were sat right next to you, with direct remote control of your apple iMac, MacBook and MacBook pro while on the phone, resolving your software issues immediately.

Business Software Support - Be it bespoke business software or an off the shelf software package we can support this. We can liaise directly with manufacturers, developers and software houses, speak with their support teams to resolve most any issue. If the issue you are experiencing is on a bespoke tailor made piece of software designed specifically for your business we have top level developers who can assist to get you up and running fast.

Call Now On 03333 441910 for immediate advice and assistance


We collect and diagnose your Apple Mac, We then offer a non committal quote, if you cancel the repair your device will simple be shipped back to you.

    For further details please see our ‘How it Works’ page

    UPS Drop Off PointBook a Collection No box required (Commitment Fee £12.95 FULLY Refundable)iMac 21 inch shipping box £34.99iMac 24 inch - 27 shipping box £34.99MacBook box - £21.99Fast Track £34.99


    Mac-Shack Service Center

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    Fast Service, Technical Expertise, Competitive Rates and your complete peace of mind.


    We at the Mac Shack offer a premium service at affordable rates. We carry out the complex repairs at component level.

    YOU BOOK IT - You enter your details in our easy to fill out online job booking form and we will arrange the rest, its as easy as that.

    WE COLLECT IT. Pack it up, PLEASE use the original box your iMac or Macbook came in when purchased or select the box you require when booking and we will send you the correct shipping box, simply pay via paypal.

    WE DIAGNOSE IT. You will be kept up to date throughout the process after receiving your Macbook or iMac, right up until the point where we ship it out to you.

    WE FIX IT. We repair your device as agreed in our Quote Or if you cancel the repair your device will be shipped back.